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Bulverde Sewer Camera Inspection Services

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Dependable Camera Inspections For Bulverde Homeowners

Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to your home’s plumbing. When problems form, you find yourself racing against the clock — sometimes without even knowing it. The sooner you solve a plumbing problem, the less severe the consequences will be. If the issue persists, the risks grow — as can the costs associated with solving the problem.

Some issues are easier to spot than others, but sewage line problems often pose difficulties. After all, your pipes exist underground, and it’s not like you can go inside them for an inspection. However, just because you can’t doesn’t mean nothing can.

At Peppermint Plumbing, we utilize modern technology to perform sewer camera inspection services — allowing us to take an inside look at the problem and treat it effectively.

What Are Camera Inspections?

A plumber from our team can perform camera inspections to see into your sewer pipes. This is where a camera — attached at the end of a long cable — is inserted into your plumbing.

These cameras project a live recording onto a screen, allowing our team to look at the inside of your pipes in real time. With the insight this recording provides, we can apply our expertise to identify the issue and provide recommendations for fixing it.

The Importance Of Timely Identification

To put it plainly, sewer line damage creates hazards. These pipes carry large quantities of waste, and any threats to their effectiveness mean you risk seeing this waste return to your property. If this were to happen, here are some of the consequences that may occur:

plumber looking at the live feed of a camera inspection
  • Damaged lines and resurfacing sewage can cast waves of nasty odors.
  • Parasites, bacteria and toxic materials can work their way back into your home through drains.
  • Pests attracted to the sewage may gather on your property.
  • Sewage leaks may contribute to the movement of soil, which can impact your home’s foundation.

You can’t always prevent plumbing problems from happening, but you can help your property by acting promptly when you suspect an issue.

If you notice any early warning signs of sewer damage — such as slow drainage, bad smells, gurgling noises from pipes or drains, a lush or soggy lawn or the presence of pests — contact Peppermint Plumbing. With a camera inspection, we can easily spot the source of a problem and help you address it.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

So, a camera inspection helps identify problems, but what issues can a sewer line face? If you find yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place because our team has the answer you need!

Common issues for sewer lines include worn-out parts and old age. However, external factors also serve as a threat. For instance, tree roots can make their way towards your pipes, damaging them in the process. Additionally, accumulated waste can cause blockages, stopping effective wastewater transportation.

Whether it’s a crack, a clog, corrosion or more, each problem requires its own unique approach. A camera inspection allows our team at Peppermint Plumbing to know what we’re dealing with so we can address the concern efficiently.

Explore Alternative Uses For Camera Inspection Services

Performing camera inspections is a common and highly effective strategy for identifying sewer line damage. However, there are other uses for this service to consider. For instance, camera inspections can also be performed on water and septic lines to identify trouble in other areas of your home’s plumbing.

Additionally, if any items go missing down your drains, a camera pipe inspection can help you find them! Of course, it’s important to act quickly and shut off the water in your home to prevent the object from being washed further down your pipes as you wait.

At Peppermint Plumbing, we want to help our Bulverde and Spring Branch community address their plumbing concerns! If you have questions about what we can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Schedule Your Camera Inspection With Peppermint Plumbing

When you’re unsure whether you need to freshen up your home’s plumbing, schedule a service with our team! At Peppermint Plumbing, we can perform a camera inspection that provides the insight you need to target problems with accuracy and success. Contact us to set up your appointment!

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